ART CH – 015A


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Dimensions 520 × 560 × 810 mm
ART - Wood Color

Home Grandview, Walnut Brown

ART - Cushion

PVC / Black

Products under the “ART” brand, which are manufactured by Podium Holding Group Co., Ltd. and distributed by Podium Home Center Co., Ltd. have passed the tests for consumer use in order to guarantee the quality that is up to highest standards. Therefore, we are able to provide a Limited Warranty of our products, covering material and defects occurred from manufacturing process, under the following warranty terms and conditions.

Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Products manufactured by Podium Holding Group Co., Ltd. (“The Company”) will receive a 10-year structural warranty for household use and a 2-year warranty for commercial use.
  2. This product warranty only covers defect occurred only from faulty material and manufacturing process. The company reserves the right to terminate the warranty if the defection was occurred from other reasons apart from normal use, manufacturing process and faulty material.
  3. This warranty does not include damages incurred by misuse, careless handling of the product, scratches, stains, damages from misassemble, modifications and transportation, damages from incorrect cleaning, deterioration through age, fungus, rust, termites, moth and scratches or stains that naturally comes with the product, products sold with conditions, products showcased in showrooms, products sold in clearance sale and products used for commercial or business purposes.
  4. This warranty does not include maintenance, delivery, installation and transportation costs which may occur in the case of off-site service.
  5. In the case that the company is unable to source the material or parts needed to repair or replace certain damaged parts, the company reserves the right to source and use material or parts similar in quality and standard to replace material or parts needed.
  6. Should the company determined that the damaged product is within warranty terms and conditions, the company reserves the right to replace or repair specific parts of the product as needed without refund if the products or parts are sold in set. If the damage has occurred to specific parts, the company reserves the right to replace those specific parts only.
  7. In the case that your product has already been repaired or received parts replacement, the beginning of the warranty period will still be counted from the date of purchase or delivery without any extension.
  8. The company reserves the right to examine and determine whether the products are under the warranty terms and conditions. The decisions made by the company is considered final.
  9. This warranty does not cover damages caused by inappropriate or careless movement.
  10. This warranty shall be terminated if the ownership of the products purchased has changed.
  11. The company reserves the right to provide warranty exclusively to products within Thailand.
  12. This warranty does not cover slight differences between product pictures appeared on websites, posters, booklets, leaflets, brochures, catalogues or pictures from any other media by the company and the product purchased by the customer.
  13. This warranty does not cover electrical appliances or fitting, which will be covered by suppliers used by the company in specific jobs.

Additional warranty terms and conditions for products with genuine leather (Oil Grade)

The company shall inform the customer about warranty terms and conditions for products with leather (oil) as follows:

Cowhide (oil grade) is natural cow skin what has not been printed on in order to hide genuine characteristics of that particular piece of cowhide. Therefore, veins, scars and wrinkles could be seen normally. Scratches can be easily made to this type of product. Leather dip dying may also cause uneven color on the same piece of cowhide. The color may also differ for each production lot. The company shall choose each lot of cowhide to manufacture as the product with consideration for overall product color and limit natural marks within an internationally accepted amount. Therefore, marks occurred to products within this category is not covered in the company’s warranty.

Suggestion - Simple ways to maintain wooden furniture

Cleaning wooden furniture could be simply done daily using feather duster or clean cloth to wipe dust holding on to the furniture. Further cleaning could be done occasionally by wiping the furniture with damp cloth, following by dry soft cloth. The furniture should be placed away from areas with high humidity and should not be exposed in the sun for a long time for extended use. However, the color of wooden furniture may change through time and usage. This condition is not covered within the warranty policy by the company.
If the product has leather parts. Damp cloths and cleaning solutions should not be used to clean or make leather parts shine, as it could cause damages to the leather.